Storms Don't Last Forever !

Whenever I look back at where God took me from I can't help but praise him. He has been so patient with me and held my hand step by step through every hardship I have had thus far in my life.

I thought I could have delt with this on my own not knowing that God was just testing and preparing me for greater things.

Losing Myself !

In the process of my teenage life crisis I lost myself.

Everyone in their lifetime had lost themselves at some pointing time. Not knowing who I was and my purpose here on this earth had me at my lowest point. In that moment everything bad that I could think of was happening to me. I stop believing , I stop talking to God and stop talking to a lot of people who cared for me. I felt useless and questioned why am I here but I didn't get an answer when I needed it.

So instead I started smoking and drinking on a daily basis. I kept this a secret for so long I know it will be a shock to many when they see this. Yes I lost myself and delt with it not by praying because I just thought God wasn't hearing me.

Then I have had enough because all that I was doing wasn't working. This didn't make my problems go away and neither did I get the answers that I needed.

So I told myself let me try this "praying thing again" believing it might not work as before. But let me tell you something God was there ready and waiting for me.

God had to teach me how to be humble patient and how to have faith and trust in him. As soon as I allowed him to handle all my battles I've become a winner. I no longer have to fight alone I've got company !

My Scars Don't Define Me
They Only Make Me Stronger


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